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Practice Areas

The practice areas listed below are the more common situations in which we help clients. However, they are not exhaustive.
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Family Law, Adoptions


With many years of experience particularly in the field of family law, we have a deep understanding of the emotional sensitivities surrounding distressed families in need of help from the law.


Separation and divorce are unhappy family events and we strive for the resolution of such cases quickly, efficiently and effectively, protecting matrimonial rights and interests of children.


We advise on and represent parties in maintenance applications and the division of matrimonial assets, and prepare deeds of separation.


Where the need arises in family disputes, personal protection orders can be obtained to ensure the safety and well-being of family members.


In the area of adoptions, we have arranged for the legal adoptions of children covering all kinds of family situations, foreign and local. Such cases are handled sensitively and with the utmost care for the interests of the child.

Wills, Estates, Probate and Administration


Planning for the succession of one's assets in the event of death is an important step to take to ensure a smooth transfer of title to beneficiaries.


We have the experience in the drafting and execution of wills for all types of assets and for all kinds of family situations.


We complement this with the service of obtaining grants of probate, on the death of testators, or letters of administration where no will was drawn up.


Deed Polls - Name Change


If you need to effect a legal change of your or your children's name(s), we offer one of the most competitive and affordable rates.


Deed Polls can be produced for collection in under half an hour.


Mental Capacity


People who lose mental ability either through age or as a result of an accident are unable to handle their personal and financial affairs.


We can assist by making applications for the appropriate orders under the Mental Capacity Act to ensure that they and their affairs can be taken care of by legally appointed personal representatives.

We also advise on Lasting Powers of Attorney under the Mental Capacity Act to enable the affairs of persons to be effectively managed after the onset of mental disability.


Powers of Attorney

When a person is unavailable to handle official matters e.g. whilst he is abroad, a Power of Attorney can be drawn up to authorise a third party to act on his behalf.


We advise on and draft Powers of Attorney to cover all situations, including handling HDB property matters, real estate transactions, and all other situations where an agent or attorney is required.


Conveyancing / Property Law

We handle all types of transactions involving private and HDB property. This includes sale and purchase, mortgages, tenancy agreements and licenses, as well as applying to the High Court for permission to sell properties where required by the law.


Other issues concerning real estate property in which we frequently act include applying to the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) to sever joint tenancies, for the replacement of title deeds, the notification of death to the SLA for the removal of a deceased joint tenant's name, and the transmission application to replace the name of deceased with the names of the executors or administrators.


Legal Agreements

In business or in personal dealings, legal documents and agreements are needed to make clear the intentions of parties and to create legal relationships that are enforceable.


We advise on and draft a wide range of legal agreements such as commercial contracts, loan agreements, vehicle trust deeds and agreements to settle all kinds of disputes, personal and commercial.



Personal Injury Claims

A personal injury can be physical or psychological and can have short or long-term effects.

We advise you on the amount of  damages for your personal injuries, physical and psychological, short and long term effects and compensation you may be able to claim.


We act in bankruptcy matters including the making of applications to the High Court on behalf of clients to declare their own bankruptcies and advise on their rights and duties as bankrupt persons.



Road Traffic Accident Claims

We assist in compensation claims for those who have suffered personal injury through an accident on the road, at work, on the road or in public places.



Criminal Law

We handle court appearances for criminal cases involving the police, public prosecutor or government ministries, as well as all related ancillary matters in the criminal court process such as representations to the Attorney-General's Chambers and the drafting of mitigation pleas.

Syariah Law

We handle all aspects of Syariah Law, including Divorce, Faraid, Hibbah and Wasiat.

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