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Probate & Letters of Administration


"Very satisfied"

-Wong Gui Long

"Experienced and approachable lawyer that make sure every case is well taken off and solves the problem in a professional way."

-Melvin Ng

"The service provided by Lee Kim Kee was very good. I would recommend her to others."

-Ole Olsen

"I'm very impressed by KK Lee's assistance with my application of the Grant of Probate for my late God Dad.
I got the Grant of Probate in about a month's plus time. Priya assisted with all the required documentation

and necessary steps. I would highly recommend their services to my family and friends."

-Daryl M

"For a letter of administration, I was caught in a situation with my 1st engaged lawyer, who is not from this website. KK Lee declined to take up my case but out of professionalism to let my 1st lawyer settle his mistake. I will surely recommend others to her as she still gave me some advice out of good will to handle the 1st lawyer. For this, I am really glad."

-Shawn Oh

"I highly recommend K K Lee Law Corporation to anyone who needs legal service. They provide excellent service at a reasonable rate"

-Mr. George Ang


"Ms. Lee is very well versed in law and she addresses my questions and concerns very promptly.

I am thankful that she handled my case with patience. She provided me with sound legal advice every step of the way. I am so glad that my case has finally been resolved and I am really appreciative for all her help.

I sincerely recommend that anyone seeking legal assistance to consider KK Lee Law Corporation."

-Dominic Goh


"A friend recommended us to Ms Lee (Kim Kee) as an experienced and approachable lawyer. After meeting with Ms. Lee, we certainly concur with our friend’s views as she thoughtfully answered our queries. Her admin team is cordial and advised us to prepare some documents in advance which led to the completion of our requirements in one visit. Highly recommended!"

-Dave & Cathri 

"Reasonable prices and competent achievements of getting probate within a short period. Very impressed of their efficiency, particularly from Christina who listens patiently and gives unconditional advice."
-Annie Yeo

Wills & LPA


"Lee Kim Kee was really good. She was on point and fast. I’ll definitely recommend her to my friends and relatives!"


"KK Lee Law Corporation's fees are very reasonable. Ms. Lee Kim Kee is very professional, gives good advice, is encouraging and always has her client's interest at heart. I strongly recommend K K Lee Law Corporation to anyone looking for a good, efficient and reliable law firm."

- Mr. and Mrs. Ong T H

"I came to Ms Lee's law firm to complete a will for my daughter. She is so patient and provides a great deal of guidance and I am so comfortable with her that eventually, I re-draw my own will and hubby's will with her as well. Will recommend her service at all times."

- Irene Yeo

"I am absolutely satisfied with the work done for my will and LPA especially the patience and carefulness in respect of this matter. Once again, my appreciation in this matter. Thank you."​

- Mr Seow K S

"Lawyer Ms. Lee Kim Kee is efficient and has confidence in what she is doing. She also tries to save costs for the client. So overall, I shall recommend to the public to accept her way of doing wills and divorce. I am very satisfied."

-Mr. David Yeo

"Aishah was the lawyer drawing up my will. She was very helpful and readily answered all my querires to my full satisfaction."

-Ms Swee Hong Leong

"Very efficient and professional. Reasonable fees. Highly recommended!"

-Vincent Chua 

"Miss Lee is very friendly, patient and an efficient lawyer. We are very satisfied with her service. Highly recommended."

-Emily Sum 

"Very fast and reliable service.Thumbs up."


"I am very pleased with Ms Priya service on my Will. Thank you."

-Mdm Patricia

"She provides good and helpful information to us."


Deed Polls


"Good and fast service."

-William Ong

"The service provided at K K Lee Law was great and fast."

-May Tan

"I finally found a Lawyer for my deed poll. Service was fast and prompt. Questions ask was replied instantly. Deed poll was done the next day."

- Mr Tony Goh

"I did my Poll Deed here at KK Lee Law Corporation. They are efficient in the service."

-Cindy Thian

"Prompt, efficient and friendly service. Thanks Ms Lee, Aishah and Marcus."


Divorce & Family Law


"Ms. Lee was patient and concise in her explanation. I really appreciate her invaluable advice and her efficiency in getting my requests done within a short while. Her fees are reasonable and I will recommend her to anyone who needs legal advice"

-Mrs. Dawn Tan

"Ms. Lee is very kind and very experienced."

-Ms Yong

"Ms. Lee is very experienced and empathetic. Her team is also super efficient."

-May G

"Ms. Lee was very understanding of my financial constraints and gave me generous installment payments for my case."

-Mr Damien Ong

"Lee Kim Kee was very helpful and able to turnaround my request in a relatively short period while also charging a fairly reasonable rate. I would definitely recommend her to others."

Scott McDaniel-

"Ms. Lee did a great job representing me in my divorce. Excellent service from start to finish. Very knowledgable and very kind. Always keep me updated with the progress of the case. I am grateful and so glad I called Ms. Lee. I would definitely recommend her to others."


"We were extremely thankful to be able to meet with Ms. Lee for a second opinion at such short notice regarding a pending divorce case between my parents. Ms. Lee was very analytical and sharp. She offered us sound advice and we appreciated the fact that she would not advise on litigation for clients unless it was really necessary. We were thus able to avoid a long drawn court battle and potential huge legal fees. Thank you very much!"

-Brigitte Tan

"I managed to find Ms. Lee through SingaporeLegalAdvice. Her service was good, and I would recommend her to others."

-Yvonne Crepaldi

"I wish to thank Ms. Lee Kim Kee for speeding up the whole process of my legal proceedings and making it easy for me. She is very reliable. I am very satisfied with her service and high level of customer care."

-Gary Chan


"Ms. Lee is very meticulous in explaining the whole procedure about my case. Her professionalism and invaluable advice is highly appreciated. She is very patient and compliments must also be given to her staff who are just as cordial and extremely pleasant to communicate with. I highly recommend to anyone who needs a good lawyer whom he or she can relate to."

-Magdalene Teo


"The service provided by her was good. She was really efficient to help out with whatever I was requesting for. I would definitely recommend her to others."

Lynn Yeo-


"The service was good and I managed to receive help extremely promptly. She is not only efficient and helpful but also provided a value-for-money service. I would definitely recommend her to others."

Alicia Chan-


"Ms. Lee and her team were very efficient, knowledgeable and meticulous. Ms. Lee took on my case knowing the tight deadline and poor advice given by my first lawyer. Ms. Lee not only spent the time to rectify the first lawyer's mistakes but also gave valuable advice and insights on legal processes and managed to reduce what would have been a long process into only a few weeks. I will highly recommend working with KK Lee Law for their professionalism and care for the client."

-Joseph Goh

"Very professional and efficient. Friendly, very understanding and easy to work with!"

-Tan Mui Heng


"Ms. Lee was very quick and knowledgeable in answering my questions. It made the process a lot easier."

- Jaclyn Tan 


"Ms. Lee is very helpful and able to address my queries. With just one visit I am able to sort out what i need to do and execute what I have to do. Her charges are very reasonable and will surely recommend her to my friends if they need her services."

- Fei Fei


"I was recommended to Ms. Lee Kim Kee and find that she is very friendly, patient and helpful despite her tight schedule. I'll recommend my friends to Ms. Lee. She has a team of efficient staff. Bravo!"

- Ms. Nah Puay Huang

"Miss Lee, I am so glad my divorce is finally over. It was a contested divorce but with your constant guidance and support, in the end it was uncontested.  It was a miracle that I'd never expected. You were always so fast to respond to my questions, including all your other colleagues, to name a few - Christina, Jeremiah. He and Priya although young, were definitely very experience in their work. Keep up the good team spirit to give support to your clients. I would certainly recommend my friends and colleagues in the near future. "

- Ms. Evon Hor

"Great service! Christina has directed me very well, thank you for your guidance! And thank you Miss Lee for her excellent ideas. She was very helpful, I am very lucky for her complete guidance as she provided steps which were very clear."

 -Lau SS

Civil Claims


"Mr. Jeremiah Tan is very professional in providing us with the legal advice we need. The staff is also very friendly and helpful and they have helped to make our experience at the firm a very pleasant one. "

-Felicia Chia


"Jeremiah Tan is straight-forward and explain to us the procedures in its most simple terms. I'm very pleased with his services."

- Lee Lin Kang

"Chris has been very helpful since the day I called up for enquiry. Lawyer Jeremiah Tan is a very professional and attentive lawyer. He turned a tense conversation to a very pleasant one. I am very glad to be able to meet up with him for a discussion."

-Lim Pieing Yen 


"Very friendly and professional advice From Ms. Lee"

-K Jaya Kumar

Notary Public


"The delivery of service was fast, and we could get the necessary documentation within our rush time frame."

- Joyce Tan

Great and fast service. Got my documents notarized in under a day!

-Lukasz Orlowski

We appreciated the efficiency, kindness, and guidance provided. Our situation was a little complex in dealing with Australian law requirements regarding Notary Public witnessing for a bank loan. The whole process here was smooth, easy to complete, and very thorough. Our lawyer in Australia confirmed that Lee Kim Lee was able to perform this for us and that it would satisfy Australian law.

-Steven Hickey

My sincere thanks to Ms Lee Kim Kee and her staff for their exemplary service regarding the notarization of my documents which I needed urgently. Within a short period of time everything was done to my complete satisfaction


-Chan Wai Tong

Appreciate that you were able to provide the notary service on such a short notice. Highly recommend your service. Thank you.


Landlord & Tenant

"On behalf of my mum, I would like to extend my gratitude to you and your team for the excellent support in helping us to recover the unpaid rent."

- Louis

" Very responsive to inquiries and excellent service!"

- Mr. Johnny Tan

"Experienced, quick and resolute. Providing clear and concise legal advice. Highly recommended."


"Super understanding, explained a cost-effective way forward and help me get a good understanding of my rights"

-Mr Christian

"My wife and I rented a newly built property that was completely unfit for purpose (collapsed ceilings, broken lifts, no water etc.). Four months into the contract which committed us to a two-year lease period we didn’t know if or how we could extricate ourselves from a very difficult situation. I’m delighted that we contacted Ms. Lee who helped us understand our legal rights but even more importantly translated those rights into a set of practical steps/actions that helped us resolve the situation quickly. I’m sure that there are others who either have experienced or will experience, similar problems and my strong advice to them is to contact Ms. Lee."

-Dominic and Christine Powell

"I want to sincerely thank Ms. Lee Kim Kee for her kindness (calling within an hour of my request, understanding the urgency), in-depth analysis of the situation, & precise expert advice, which has helped me to take next steps for my rental unit in a decisive manner. Much appreciated!"

- Dr. Manoj Nargund

"They are very accommodating and really knows how to handle a customer properly."

-Frederick John Sule

Other Testimonials


"Heartfelt thanks to Ms. Lee. She sure knows how to make agitated and stressed client like me to calm down and see things clearly. She is very professional and most of all compassionate. My experience with her is beyond satisfaction. Will definitely recommend her service. Thank you Ms. Lee!"

- Ms. Nita

"I have repeatedly engaged Ms. Lee to handle my various legal matters like divorce proceeding, will-writing, conveyancing, loan agreement, and LPA. Throughout my dealings with her, she has put my interest at heart by providing sound legal advice, as well as helping me to save legal cost where possible. Highly recommended!"

- Mr Max Ng

"A couple of lawyers replied to me via email and SMS and I found KK Lee Law Corporation... Reasonable rates and efficient services. I would gladly recommend Ms. Lee or use her again for any other matters."

-Leiana Zheng


"I'm grateful to Ms. K K Lee for her kind attention and her advice. Her support and understanding at a difficult time have been second to none. Many thanks"

-Mr. Neo Soon Meng 


"I highly recommend Ms. Lee Kim Kee. She is truly professional and very experienced."

-Mr. Koh Ngoh Bah



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